Its ok to cry but I’ed rather laugh!

Hello out there in blog world!

I decided it might be kind of fun to start a blog about being a mother with “old fashion” views raising kids in a modern world. If nothing else its going to be a great way for me to let it all out in a productive form.

First things first… I’m newly engaged. Its a very exciting time with lots of big changes happening. I have been raising my young daughter (age 8) on my own since she was born so there are some mixed feelings happening on both our parts. I grew up with both my parents who are still happily married after 29 years. Its my mothers second marriage and I am very tempted to ask my older half brother if can give my girl some words of encouragement as she gets a step father. Not only is their going to be 1 new person in our everyday lives that comes with his own likes dislikes and ways of doing things, their are 3 new siblings(ages 10,12 & 14) that will be a constant part our family!

I am some what traditional in my parenting, kids do chores without expecting anything in return, there is no such thing as “off limits” when it comes to a parent entering their childs room and you eat what you are given my kitchen is not a restaurant and I do not cook to order! Playing outside is a must and there is no phone calls during dinner. Family time is important and limited disruption during this time is a must! People don’t spend nearly enough time with their families these days and it breaks my heart!

I know that its going to be hard sometimes and tears will be shed voices will be raised and sanity will be questioned but I pray that God will grant us mostly happiness and laughter and love!


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