Echo in the bedroom!

With only 18 days left until the end of this chapter and beginning of the next my daughter thinks I’m “more crazy then normal!”

All the boxes left in the house have moved to a corner in my kitchen and a went on kind of a crazy cleaning rampage this afternoon! It was one of those cleans where floors were swept and washed twice, walls were scrubbed, base boards wiped down and the upstairs washroom was cleaned twice and I still feel like its not clean! I clean when I get anxious and after all the furniture left upstairs was moved into one room it really started to hit me that we are moving.

Since leaving church today I have called my fiance several times to help calm my nerves… “I love you! I almost started to cry because I thought I ruined dinner”… “My upstairs is so empty and its really starting to hit me. Its a good thing I love you!” This is a good thing!

My daughter laughs every time I call her from upstairs “mommy you echo in the bedroom” “That’s what happens when rooms become empty babe”.


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