Until We Meet Again!

After a last minute decision and a phone call from my friend Amanda on Tuesday night, the wheels were set in motion and by the time the kids got out of school Wednesday afternoon the surprise party was planned, Amandas apartment was decorated, a cake was made and the guests were invited!

Amandas child is moving to live with his father for the next school year. He left earlier today! My daughter and I are of course moving as well this week and I had no clue how to make it work for my daughter to feel less stressed about the whole thing! So after Amandas call about wanting to through a surprise going away party I jumped all over the idea!

While enjoying an evening of fun with the kids a friend of ours came upstairs in tears at the realisation of how many people are moving this year! Connections have been made and bonds to last a lifetime have been formed. So with tears shed and memories made and sometimes it seemed like way to much laughter, I won’t look at this as “good bye” but rather as a “see ya later”!

And in the words of Camel Bait Until We Meet Again
“It’s time for me to say goodbye
I never thought that this day would come
Things in my life are changing so fast
Nothing will be the same
But through this change and uncertainty
I hope that you will remain.”


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