“Rejoice in the Lord Alway; I say it again, Rejoice”

Philllipians 4:4 talks about rejoicing in God always. Sometimes in my walk with God I forget this very important bit of God’s word. I know I am not alone in my Christian life when it comes to this. So many Christians rejoice sporadically at best especially when life gets tough. We need to call out to God in thanksgiving and appreciation for everything and that includes the trials we face each day!

I love the Lord with all my heart but their are days where, instead of rejoicing for the gifts he has blessed with, I call out in anger at him for whatever unjustice or hardship he has placed in my life. As I continue to grow I am reminded more and more that when I give myself to his work and rejoice in his majesty, more blessing is poured upon me and my family.

Thank you heavenly Father for the family and love filled home you have given me. Even though some days are a struggle I am truly greatfull for everything you’ve given me. I now understand that with the gifts comes the tests of faith! I will do my best to rejoice in the good times and the bad because it is all part of your master plan.


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