Walking in Faith

As we go about our busy lives I have to stop and take a minute to remember that without Faith and Trust in God nothing my life seems to work out! Satan attacks our family almost daily and when that happens Anger, Saddens, Hurt, Frustration, and Doubt build up. If I do not stop and take a moment to turn to God for help and guidance chaos seems to ensue. Our children and dogs are disobedient, my husband and I can not come to agreement on any situation and we all take our frustration out on each other! The moment we remember to grab hold of our senses and each other and pray, calm fills our house and we are able to function normally again!
If we allow God’s Will to be done and not our own and have faith in our Heavinly Father that he knows what’s best then we can walk in the fruit of the Spirit! Walking Daily in faith can be a struggle but it is something that I strive for! Letting God sit in the drivers seat and Having Faith that we will arrive at our destination safely with few obstacles!
After dealing with the Public Education system we prayed, and discussed, and prayed some more and came to the decision that for the emotional, spiritual and educational well being of our children that the 3 youngest will be continuing their education through home school! I will have faith that God will help us through the next 2 months of school! I also have faith he will help us through the rest of their education. I have Faith God will bring our family together in Peace and Love and strengthen us on the journey that lies ahead!


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  1. Aimee
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 03:41:00

    Bless you all!!


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