Moving On!

It’s been a few months since I had the opportunity to write and a lot has happened in that time!

After a battle for far to long with the man I loved I had to say good-bye! Moving from a busy house with 5 kids 2 dogs 2 cats and a husband to a house with 1 kid, No pets and no husband has been an adjustment I never thought I would have to make! It’s been a struggle some days to stay positive but in the end I know that it is best!

I am re-discovering my self and my relationship with God is becoming stronger everyday! My daughter is much happier but there are days where we sit and talk about how much we miss the others!

In life we are faced with some extremely tough decisions and there is no possible way to make everyone happy! We must go to God and ask for guidance and sometimes we must say good-bye to people who will always hold a special place in our hearts! I can cry and be upset or I can be happy and remember the good times! Be thankful and give God Praise for allowing the good and even the bad so that we are to learn and grow!

Now I move on in a forward direction to live the life I was meant to live!


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