A Storm’s A Brewin!

In a moment of quiet, that doesn’t often happen in my busy schedule, I looked out the window this morning to see the storm that’s overhead and I began to think about the storms that are happening in the lives of so many and how many of the tragic storms can be avoided if somebody would just take the time to listen to the cry for help.

In the wake of the Amanda Todd(may she be resting in paradise) Tragedy the Canadian government is finally talking about a country wide program to prevent bullying in schools, the work place and on-line. It’s unfortunate that it has taken this long for a serious discussion in parliament to bring forth action to avoid this from happening again.

In 2011 it was reported that approximately 3,500 suicides take place in Canada annually, this is slightly below deaths due to breast and colon cancer and is the 10th most common death amongst woman and men combined. As I dug delved further into the rates of suicide by age per 100,000 people I was shocked and saddened and angered. Between 2000-2007 the youngest was between 5-10years of age, the average between 10-13 was 1.61 suicides, and between 15-19 the average was 9.53 suicides. Why is it that so many CHILDREN feel that suicide is the answer and I wonder how many of these suicides are because of bullying? I am quite certain that the numbers have increased since 2007 and my heart aches at the thought.

The storm of hate and anger and frustration that is happening all over the world is out of hand and people, young and old, are hurting to the point they don’t know what else to do! There need to be a blanket of love poured over our young people and parents must be parents. I truly believe that a big part of the problem with the younger generation is there is little to no parental involvement. These kids are crying out for “healthy boundaries” and they need to know there are consequences for their actions. There absolutely must be a zero tolerance for bullying and parents must become involved. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” rings true. We must stand together and fight to make a change.


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