Finding Balance

Being a single mother again I am having to re-learn the balancing act again! Learning to balance a large family took seemed to not take much time at all but learning to balance a household with just my Miss and I, again, is sometimes proving to be a challenge.

My daughter and I both have fairly full calendars but we are learning to make it work again through trial and error! Having another parent in the house helped and the fact that my 3 step children are older (one pre-teen and 2 teens) also helped. We were busy but everyone did their part (most of the time). “Many hands make light work” at least that’s how it worked for us.

Commitments we have made to help us find balance:

I do NOT work on the weekends! This was put into place for 2 reasons! 1: My daughter needs time without daycare kids in her space. 2: If I work 7 days a wekk like I once did I will get burnt out!

Miss is in charge of 2 very important house hold chores: Her own room and making sure floors get swept. Just these 2 items alone are a huge help. She of course does help out with other chores to and is now even learning how to change diapers!

We take time at least once a week to do something together with nobody else! It can be something as simple as reading a book together or watching a movie.

We take time at least once a week for ourselves.

Working together we are making it work. Everyone needs to find the balance in their life. It’s amazing how just changing a few things and sticking to it can alter your whole outlook on life!


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