A Smile Saved A Life!

I tell people all the time to just smile at everyone you meet, answer the phone with a smile and even try to smile when you are all alone! People will ask me why I try to live this way and I share this story with them.

I once met a young man who told me “a smile saved my life.” I, of course, was very curious as to how a smile could save a life. He began to to share his story. In 2009 a large employer in Kamloops announced that they would be laying off all their employees and closing their doors. This young man was one of those employees that would soon be without work. The job market in Kamloops fluctuates and he was strugling to find work along with 1,000 other workers of the employer who were all out trying to find work at a time when the economy had been strugling greatly. On his way up the walk to his apartment there was a young woman leaving the building. She smiled at him and with that he decided to smile back and a conversation started. She was just headed out for an evening walk and asked if he would join her so he did. The young man had been alone and with no family close by and very few people he would consider friends. He was scared and depressed with worry about the future and was on his way home that not with the thought that he was just going to end it all. A smile from a girl who had just moved to Kamloops for school changed all of that. She said “he looked like he needed a hug but I didn’t know him so a smile was all I could give.” In early 2012 they got married and are now expecting their first child because a girl smiled and a life was saved.

Of course things won’t always be quite so exciting but you never know the difference a smile will make in another persons life or just how good smiling will make you feel yourself!


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