I Am A Princess(it’s probably not what you think)

Over the weekend I got to be part of something truly wonderful! I went to Kimberly BC and spent the weekend with some wonderful women (many of which I knew as friends of my parents growing up). We stayed in the Trickle Creek Lodge at the Base of the Kimberly Alpine Ski Resort! It’s off season right now so it’s fairly quiet. I was placed in an amazing suit that is bigger then my current apartment (it had 2 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a loft, a large common area with full kitchen and a small in suit laundry room)! There were 2 Hot tubs and a really warm outdoor swimming pool as well as a gym) We had amazing views of the mountains and the rest of the resort. A great deal at $99 per ladies for two nights and breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday! It was meant to be a weekend of relaxation and fellowship with other women from the church including an am amazing message from a woman that was very involved in the youth group when I was a teen. She has become a teacher and a speaker of God’s word. This past weekend became so much more. It was a learning and growing experience for me!

Leslie (our speaker for the weekend) talked a lot about our roles as heirs to the kingdom of the King of all Kings! She spoke about how as Daughters of God and heirs to his Kingdom all we have to do is ask God and he will bless us! She also spoke about how God’s plan is so much greater then we know. We are placed in a specific moment at a specific time for a specific reason and we need to trust that our God knows what he ding with our lives!

This weekend reaffirmed my love, my need to trust, and my need to have Faith in God! I saw Leslie as more then a friend this weekend she became an eye opening inspiration as a hard working single mother and woman of God! I truly know without a doubt that God has lead me back to Cranbrook for a greater purpose! What that purpose is I am not sure of yet but I know that everything that is happening right now is as it should be! There is a reason my calling is Childrens ministry. My future holds a Christian Infant/toddler education program as well as a Christian Pre-school program. It also holds a strong presence in being and advocate in the World of Anti-Bullying and Suicide awareness with the first step being the Rally on Nov 10 2012.

I am a Princess, a daughter of the King and as such it my duty to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves, to love unconditionally, to listen to my heavenly father when he asks something of me and do all things with an attitude of Grace and Gratitude!


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