Reflections Of 2012! Happy New Year!

2Image2012 was one of those years best described as a rollercoaster ride of an adventure. It had it’s ups and downs but in the end it was all about love.

Love of Family: After an adventure of whirlwind love and struggle I made one of the hardest decisions I ever had to when I left the man I love still. Our love wasn’t strong enough to stop the fighting and it was tearing us both up inside to live that way. The unfortunate part of loving somebody you can’t live with is that you still want to be with them and it tore our whole family apart with 4 children between us it has meant alot of tears, heartache  and anger while trying to remember to continually love the best you can. Because of the love we have come back to a point of friendship and that is a good place for us to be right now. I trust that God knows what he is doing in this relationship and we leave it in his hands. 

I thank all the family who has been there for us with and support no matter what happens. My family is one of the most important parts of making 2012 what it was and they will continue to be through 2013.

Love of Friendship: Through 2012 I have learned what it means to be a true friend and to have true genuine friendships. There are certain people in my life that have constantly been there and even we we are separated for long periods of time we can pick up like we just saw/spoke to each other. Those friendships are their own kind of love and I am grateful for them.

Love of Life: it took some doing but I have found a new love of life in general. It has its highs and lows but most of my days are filled with joy and love and for that I am greatfull. I am learning everyday how to be a better daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and friend. I am finding new passion and loving life becomes easier everyday.

For the Love of God: Through all of 2012 me relationship with God has grown and continues to grow. My faith and trust in God’s plan has not been without it’s own struggles but as I continue to walk with him I know that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13.

I have set some big goals for 2013 including competing in the 10k at the Calgary Marathon in May and the 8K in Amsterdam in October. This means some big fundraising and some positive lifestyle changes. I will continue my work speaking out against bullying and look forward to hosting the next Rally! I will work harder at being the best mother I can be and will continue to be an “involved parent”.

My prayer for you is Love and Happiness. May God richly bless you and yours in 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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