Far From Perfect yet So Absolutely Perfect

  Some might find this blog a little “Preachy” but despite what you may or may not believe your self the general message is one I feel I need to share.

We are all designed for a purpose and what that purpose is comes to us through discovery and faith. From a worldly view we are so imperfect and as a result judgement and our emotions can sometimes get the best of us. From a Godly view I see that people are so absolutely perfect in their own individual way. Now this does not mean that we are always good but there is good in us all. 

We all face our own set of struggles and we have to make the best of what we are given and make choices that sometimes make others shake their heads and think we might be slightly crazy…. Maybe we are but in the end God knows where he wants us and when he wants us there and why and we have to have faith that he knows what he is doing. 

He is this amazing father that gives his child choices. He sets boundaries and their are consequences for our actions and disobedience but he always loves us. Just like any good parent, He views us as perfect when the rest of the world and even ourselves view us as imperfect. 


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