Being a Single Mom (the introduction)

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it but I know that I ave God on my side and he’ll help me through it all. I did it for 7 years on my own and even when I was with my ex there were days I still felt like a single parent and there were sometimes 6 kids between 9 and 15 living on our house. When I left my partner I also left behind 3 amazing step children and I think of everything that was the hardest for me but I did what I felt was right for me and my daughter. 

So here I am once again doing it on my own. I have to be both Mommy and Daddy and both the constant support and love as well as the disciplinarian. My daughter is turning 10 this year and she is very excited about becoming a pre-teen. I, on the other hand, am already seeing what I have to look forward to when she reaches her actual teen years. The pre-pubescent crazy that is happening in my house right now is only added to the stress of a long distance move and did I mention we are also prepping for the return to homeschooling?

There are days I think i cant do it anymore but then there are moments when i remember just how much love I get from her and its a love that isn’t shared with anybody else because she doesn’t have somebody else to pour it out on. My daughter doesn’t know her birth father. He saw her once for 2 hours when she was almost 2 years old but she doesn’t remember that of course. She does have her step father whom she loves very much but he has his own things going on and being that he is my ex their relationship is different then when we were together. She is very fortunate to have my dad and brothers who will not hesitate to love her and protect her the way a good father should. For them being in her life I am very great full. 

So I have decided over the next few blogs to share about what it’s like for me being a single mom. It will be a way for me to vent I’m sure and share stories and things I have learned and am learning, I also think it may also help other single moms who sometimes feel they are struggling and alone!

Now I will go forth with the Continued Faith that God will lead me where he wants me!


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