Being a Single Mom (Where are we Now?)

After doing this for 10 years, with a brief stop over in a the world of having a husband, step kids and a foster child, I am happy to say that I am till kicking. Some days are a struggle to stay sane but I am thankful for the little things and I think that helps. My daughter has this amazing bubbly personality that keeps me smiling most days. 

The stop over in blended family land made me realize that things are tough with two completely different parenting styles and entering the lives of children who have not had their other parent in their lives much. Parenting differences was one of the biggest head buts in our relationship I think. This factor combined with many other accpects cause our relationship to end. I still talk to my step children and refuse to treat them any differently then I treat my own flesh and blood. They have helped me learn things I never knew about myself and when your husband is gone a lot you learn patients which is very key when there are any sometimes up to 8  or 9 kids between 9 and 15 running around your house 2 dogs, 2 cats and whatever critter the kids have found that day and brought home. I have to say I loved every minute of it (even the moments i wanted to scream I miss).

My house now is back to one child and a mouse and it’s way to quiet most days. I think when we head back out to the country my daughter will re-connect with the friends she left behind and she is going to make many new friends through activities with other homeschooling families. It’s been an adjustment that’s for sure but we are going to be closer to her step siblings again and this will give us the opportunity to spend time with them whenever they want.

For me the hardest part about being a single mom isn’t so much that I am both mom and dad but is more that I am alone. There isn’t anybody to take over when you need a break but I guess maybe I don’t mind so much. i get to be part of every important moment in my childs life. I don’t have to ask another person  how they feel about a pet, schooling, activities  vacations, I get to decide all of that with my child and don’t have to worry about butting heads with another parent who might have a different idea of what we should do with our child because their is no “our” shes just mine!

I draw my strength from God. prayer is a powerful thing and I am thankful for the relationship I have with him. I know I can do this!


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