The right to not be a Sexual Object (it goes both ways)


So this image has been circulating the net for awhile. It’s making its way around social media like wild fire and it really got me think about being treated like a sexual object or to be sexualy harassed or abused in any way shape or form.

So why is it that if you dress or act a certain way you are blamed for the other persons actions or words? Our society is moving forward but we are still lacking when it comes to teaching our children that they absolutely can not treat another human being with disrespect and we are lacking when teaching our children that they absolutely deserve to be treated with respect. Yes we are sexual beings (surprise surprise) but the ability to control our urges and desires has some how been lost resulting in a generation that leaves nothing to the imagination and is so completely over sexualized that 10 and 11 year olds look like strippers on Halloween and Teenage girls do the same at school dances (and even just to school) and Women are letting everything hang out and Men and boys are absoulty no better we just do a better job of turning a blind eye to their choices then to those of our young girls and women. We have this attitude that based on ones choice of clothing or their behaviour that if they are harassed or raped its their own fault. I’m sorry but blaming the victim for the poor choices of the abuser is not ok.

I think one of the major problems with our society is the lack of self esteem and self worth. This seems to be a bigger issue amongst teen girls then any other group. It makes me very sad. Call me crazy if you will but I have this belief that if we work harder to teach our children that they are more valuable then what they are currently being taught we might see a change. Mutual respect amongst the men and women of this world needs to be addressed and we need to teach our children proper values and morals. Lead by example and remind our young people every day how truly special they are. Teaching our children that they are not sexual objects and they can not treat others as though they are. We have this society of young people who are crying out for attention and love and we need to give it to them and teach them how to give it in healthier more positive ways. If we teach them when they are young they can grown into strong positive role models for their own children and society might actually be able to heal and we may get back to a place where relationships are valued more on a spiritual or mental connection rather then a physical connection and be mutually respectful. This goes for all relationships, acquaintance, friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse and even our own family members.

Each individual has the right to accept or refuse sexual contact at his or her discretion; and no one deserves to be sexually assaulted.
Each sex has equal ability to control their sexual behavior and that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions. (The survivor is not responsible for the assailant’s actions.)
Sexual assault is a violent crime and is often premeditated.
Each survivor of sexual assault is a separate individual having distinct and separate needs and should be treated accordingly. There is no uniformly accepted “normal” reaction to sexual assault.

Remember, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME, even if:
Your attacker was an acquaintance, date, friend or spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, parent, sibling, guardian, other relative, professor, coach, or even employer.
You have been sexually intimate with that person or with others before.
You were drinking or using drugs.
You froze and did not or could not say “no” or were unable to fight back physically.
You were wearing clothes that others may see as seductive.
You said “yes” but later said “no” and were not listened to.


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  1. Levi Thetford
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 16:14:37

    I agree!!!


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