Things I have learnt from “Little Teachers”

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity. ~Kay Redfield Jamison

Being in the childcare field mean I have this wonderful luxury of getting up, putting on some comfy clothes, opening up my playroom and spending my entire day learning from children. We play games, we sing songs, we listen to stories, we play with paint and glitter and glue and goggly eyes. We get dirty, we clean up and although there are tears and fits there are many more smiles and hugs. I spend anywhere from 4-10 hours a day with little teachers. When I talk to people about what I do and how a refer to “my kids” as “teachers” people look puzzled and then I get to explain wonderful life lessons.

  • Something Silly fixes most problems… When a child is having a bad day and i am slowly getting more frustrated because I can’t help them over come this situation they will see something or do something that turns every frown upside down and the playroom or back yard is suddenly filled with smiles and laughter again.
  • Accidents Happen… A drink gets spilled at least once every day, somebody doesn’t quite make it to the bathroom even though they are trying so hard to be a “big kid”, a friend gets hit by a an over excited 3 year old, paint gets dripped on the carpet, all these things and so much more happen every day because children are busy and are very eager to play and learn and sometimes they simply just get distracted. This is all part of learning through play…. It really is the best way to learn.
  • Having more the One Best friend is Awesome…. Every time another child arrives the other children who are already playing rush to the door because “MY BEST FRIEND IS HERE” and they truly mean it and nobody is jealous that their best friend has other best friends because they really are all best friends. 🙂
  • Being Alone is ok to… Sometimes we just need a break to chill and have a moment to ourselves. The kids will pick a spot when they need some alone time and lay down or read a book or draw a picture. I truly believe they are using this “me time” to process everything they have been taking in.
  • Simple things are Amazing… Catching a bug, seeing an ant, watching the hedgehog eat her food, laying in the grass, looking at the plants in the garden, seeing a neighbourhood cat… All these thing are amazing in the eyes of a child… As adults we really need to take time to recognize how awesome things are. Take a moment to notice a flower or a spider spinning a web. Our world is remarkable especially if we look at it through the eyes of our inner child.
  • Sharing is important… Despite what we may think as adults children do understand things like fairness and that life isn’t always fair. With that being said, children are very quick to recognize when a friend needs a favour and they are far more willing to share their most valuable items(crayons and toys for example) with their friends then most adults are (yes its hard sometimes for even them). When did we loose this ability to give up what we want in order to make somebody else happy? After all its just stuff right?
  • Dance Like nobody’s watching… From time to time we have dance parties. This activity is a great way to burn off some excess energy, which children have a ton of, and its leo fun. Children don’t care how silly they look. They bust out every dance move they have and they smile the entire time.
  • BE YOURSELF… This is probably one of the greets things i have learned. Kids make friends so easily and are generally pretty awesome simply because they are nobody but who they are. Children are the most genuine and honest human beings and we have a lot to learn from them.

I spend more time with some of these kids then some of their parents because sometimes thats just how the schedule for their family works out. As a result I have a love hate relationship with my job. I absolutely love providing a safe loving place for children to learn and grow but as a parent my heart breaks for the kids and their parents that wish they could afford to spend more time together as a family.


Momments like this defiantly help me with the love part 



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