“Never give up on your Dreams”

Growing up we had the opportunity of having my Grams(my dad’s mom) come live with us. Both my parents worked a lot so it was good to have her around preparing meals and cleaning house and making sure my brother and I got where we needed. Although she wasn’t the most affectionate person I was loved. She taught me how to bake and cook and showed me a love for the holidays that no other ever could and she encouraged me to embarrass my native heritage.

In 2011 my Grams passed away. Although we knew it was coming, there is no amount of preparation that can prepare for the loss of a loved one. We have been able to reflect on her life and the things she has taught us and although her criticism could be brutally honest and harsh she loved her family and cared deeply for them.

Some time ago my Grams came to me in a dream carrying the most beautiful dream catcher telling me to never give up on my dreams. I dream big and I dream often and she never discouraged it. I took the dream catcher from dream and did a rough sketch knowing that I would eventually get it as a tattoo. I took the drawing to my tattoo artist and he created something so perfect. It is exactly what I saw in my dream. Yesterday I sat down in his chair for over 2 hours while he gave me something. That allows me to carry my Grams everywhere with me.


So what does it all mean? I did some research on all the parts and here is what I found:

Jade is used to attract money and happiness. It is also a protective stone.

The wild roses(which are usually pink in color) represent friendship and happiness. There are 3 of them for past present and future.

The Eagle feathers represent courage. I wasn’t really sure why 6 of them but a friend said to me “maybe she knew Jeff was coming into your life with his 2 daughters”. That being said would mean I have 6 children(1 of my own, 3 from a previous relationship and now 2 more). So not only would be for courage but for all my beautiful children as well.


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