Uncertainty, frustration, anger and a situation that is failing our Children

I haven’t had an opportunity to blog in awhile but there has been a lot on my mind. Mixed in with an abundance of joy this summer there has been a dark cloud lingering overhead. Words can not even begin to describe the feeling of darkness that has clouded over our beautiful province of British Columbia.

As we headed out on our family vacation that carried us across 4 provinces 3 times I was anxious about meeting Jeff’s girls for the first time, excited about spending time with our families and overjoyed at being able to celebrate the marriage of my younger brother and his amazing new bride. All the joy and excitement was much needed but the feeling of worry was always in the pit of stomach. This fear that my child was not going to receive the education she deserved. You see during all the excitement and joy and relaxation that summer is supposed to bring for families there has been the anxiousness and debate amongst the families of BC, Our teachers and our Provincial government and it is leaving people very angry in “the most beautiful place on earth”.

BC teachers and the BC government have been at odds for many years with teachers fighting for higher wages, more classroom funding and class sizes. Christy Clark’s government doesn’t feel our teachers deserve fair pay or much needing class funding in fact Christ Clark herself believes strongly in more funding for privet education and not at all a surprise het child is in privet education. I have no problem with privet education but when the cost is so high and some communities don’t even have it as an option it because even more important to address the issue of why public a
Education and those who teach it our so valuable. In June our teachers had enough and took to pickets after they had been locked out. Sure families got to start their summer vacation early but at the same time, graduation wax disrupted, report cards weren’t handed out and children really didn’t get to say good bye to their friends before summer break because things ended rather abruptly. Now we are days away from what is supposed to be time for our children to go back to school and it really looks like that’s not happening. Parents have been stressing out about childcare availability and cost and about their child’s education. In steps our wonderful government announcing that they will pay families $40/day for all school aged children under 13. Ok less panic. Parents plan on using this funding for tutors and childcare but then they discover they must apply at beginning of September and will not receive any of this funding until after the strike is over.

I am very fortunate to be a parent that works from home and will be able to work with my child to give her a head start on her grade 6 education but earlier today I read about a single mother of 3 from my home town that can’t afford the upfront costs of childcare and doesn’t qualify for childcare subsidy who now has to look at the very real possibility she may have to quit her job in order to make sure her young children are taken care of until they can return to school. My heart breaks for this mother and aches for the many other families in this same situation.

We are praying that some form of agreement can be made for the sake of our children. It’s been watched very closely across the country and the rest of the world. Our teachers need to be treated with respect as this affects their families as well. Our children deserve the classroom funding and class size demands that the teachers have put on the table and our Government needs to recognize the importance and value of our education system.


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