We Support BC Teachers

My child isn’t in the public school system but this in no way means our family doesn’t support BC Teachers.

In BC our teachers and our government can not reach a fair deal in their dispute which includes wages, bennifts, class sizes, and compensation. These are very important topics that the government is refusing to address. They have basically told the teachers that their demands are not even worthy of discussion and are refusing to grant teachers what is legally theirs even though 2 judges have ruled in favour of the BCTF.

My child is homeschooled for a multitude of reasons but our family, including my 11 year old, understand how important public education is for the future of our children and our province. When children are denied their right to free education it is showing them that their future is not important unless their families can afford privet education. I personally feel sick to my stomach at the thought of how many families who, can not see home or privet education as options for whatever their reasons may be, playing the waiting game, scrambling for suitable and affordable childcare(which now has wait lists), tutors, and education supplements.

We will continue to support BC teachers, write letters, emails, sign petitions, join teachers on the picket lines, and use this dispute as a teaching tool on labour relations, human rights, and politics.



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