Learning from Children and Youth

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about” Angela Schwindt

This quote is one that is speaking volumes to me today and maybe with good reason. At a. Rey young age I was told that one day I would work with children and youth. It was spoken through so much prof ethic word through members of the church community but meant very little to 12 year old me. I was far more interested in just being a kid and why shouldn’t I have been? As a grew older and drifted away from the church and my walk with God, those words spoken over me were always in the back of my mind but still had no real importance to me. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I started my journey back to God on the oath he had pre chosen for my life. April 23, 2003 god blessed me with the most amazing gift that would alter my perspective on life, lead me back to him and start on a road that has eventually lead me to where I am today, working with children and youth.

It amazes me sometimes how God can show something to somebody else that makes us go “yeah right” only to have it come to manifest in such a real way. As I am helping young people navigate their way through life I am also learning as I am teaching. I have learnt more about myself and about life and about Gods Grace simply by listening to what these kids have to say. I have learnt more patience by being a mother and looking after young children then I could have ever done just living, I have learnt more about acceptance and love from school aged children, I have learnt more about dreams, forgiveness and the need to have somebody just listen from teens, I have learnt so many things from these young people then I ever could have done on my own.


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