Runners, Coffee and Meteors… Oh My!


On September 19th at 5pm Eddy took off. For the next 2 days He ran, jogged, sprinted and walked. During this time there were 4 soccer Games, 1 football game and hundreds of people coming and going, learning, some for the first time, about Fast Eddy. I was personally up there from 4pm Friday, helping get set up, until 7:30am Saturday, when I went home and made hime a birthday cake (that’s a story all in its self), had a quick shower and changed as well as trying to get a quick nap, then back up there from 12:30pm Saturday until he was done on Sunday for a total of 43 hours marking laps, making tea and coffee trips to Tim Hortons, answering questions, taking donations, making sure he stayed hydrated and ate, joining him on laps when most other people were snug in their beds at home, those hours between 1am and 6 am when he was questioning himself and wondering what the hell he was doing and if it was all worth it. When everyone else saw him pushing forward, putting a smile on for the kids and running with them through his pain there were a few of us who got to witness the moments he felt like he wanted to give up, when he was so sore and tired he could barely move. Those hours were the hours we had to remind him why he was doing it and help him find the motivation to keep going.

On Saturday September 20th Eddy turned 26. He celebrated his birthday on the track making a brief stop to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. During a soccer match between the TRU men’s team and UVic, Eddy hit 150k in under 24hrs. During the Kamloops Broncos football game, Eddy sprinted a lap which had over 600 fans, players, officials and coaching staff go crazy(the game briefly stopped as everyone was blown away by his endurance and strength). Some international students brought him a cupcake and a card and sang him Happy Birthday before joining him on a couple laps even making some races out of it.

On Sunday September 21st Everyone involved was fighting fatigue. Sunday morning was so quiet and Eddy had to be reminded about why he was doing what he was doing. Encouraging and reminding him that he could give up but why? What would that accomplish? He had come so far and he may have been tired and sore but he knew going into it what it would be like. That even if he didn’t have the support he wished he would have he was about to do something nobody else had the guts to do for something he believed so strongly in. Throughout the day people stopped by donating and joining him on Laps through those final hours and at 5pm Eddy crossed the finish line with 254km(620 laps).

Lost toenails, pulled tendons, lack of sleep, and possibly way to much caffeine. Lots of laughs, a few tears, aching bodies, creating new bonds and willing to do something nobody else wants to because you believe in something much bigger than yourself and even a beautiful bright green meteor shot across the sky at one point. This past weekend was about so much more than my friend Eddy moving around a track for 48 hours raising money for his cross Canada and Back run for Breast Cancer and Alzhimers. It was about not giving up when all you want to do is lay down and never move again, pushing forward because the nay Sayers think you can’t, it was about pushing your body’s natural limits because you believe so strongly in something. It was a time in my life that I will never forget and will be a constant reminder of what perseverance and determination can lead to.

Some quick facts:
*254km (624 laps) this is the equivalent of approximately 6 full marathons, or 5.29 km every hour for 48 hours.
*over $200 was spent on Coffee and Tea Runs to Tim Hortons
*Eddy lost 3 toenails and pull most of tendons in his feet over the corse of the 48hrs.
*over 50 people ran with him throughout the 48hrs to show him support and keep him moving.
*In 48hrs over $2,000 was donated. This money will go to funding the cross Canada run which will cost approximately $25,000.
*Eddy hopes to raise $250,000 for Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s research and awareness.
*The Cross Canada and Back Run will be more than 250 kilometres over the course of 356 days.


To learn More about Fast Eddy:

Facebook: Fast Eddy Canada
Twitter: @FastEddyCanada

To Donate:

Also until September 30th a portion a Of all profits from any purchase of It Works Products through me go to Eddy

Or call or txt:




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