Back To School in BC and The Very Real Struggle of Middle Class Poor

There is still so much struggle, anger, frustration, many tears and a very divided province (even very divided households). The teachers and kids might be back in school (3 weeks late) but the fight is not over yet. The state of public education in BC is very disheartening to say the least. It actually makes me thankfully for the option to homeschool but I know that that isn’t something that works for all families the way it does for ours. The right to quality education is slowly being taken away from our children and the social divide between upper and lower income families in BC (and everywhere else) is growing rapidly. So many of us now fall into a very scared group called ” middle class poor”.. We work hard, pay taxes, and most just live paycheque to paycheque wondering if we’re going to make it. The cost of living continues to climb, the actual poor can qualify for subsidy and income assistance which includes medical dental and vision care.the Wealthy get huge tax breaks and those of us stuck in the middle fall into a pit between them that is the catch all for over taxation and a whatever attitude from our government.

Over the last few months following the labour dispute, one thing was made very clear to me. Our premier Christy Clark cares only about big business and the privatization of all things important to a growing province. Funding is taken away from public education and added to privet education, government officials get a huge pay increase while teachers are told tax payers can’t afford to give them wages on par with the cost of living increase but we. An afford to pay for a new roof on BC Place because heaven forbid teachers should be considered priority over a sports venue. Although our finance minister came out and told everyone our budget has a surplus our government refuses to fund our children to put their education on par with the rest of the country.

I am beyond angry with the state of our government and it’s blatant disregard for what really matters. I am frustrated with people who can’t see how important education is for our provincial future and blame the teachers for the problems in Ecucation. I am sad that I can see so many of the problems but don’t even know where to start in order to see things change. We can only write so many letters and make so many phone calls before it become repetitive and just another thing the government ignores. Right now I feel the only thing I can do is teach my children what really matters and lead by example and pray that Gods plan for them includes changing the world for the better. We need to guide our future leaders so that they can make a difference in the areas we can’t.


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