Fall into Change

As the leaves change colour and the weather gets cooler it becomes harder to deny the seasons are changing. I personally love fall, Bon fires, hoodies, pumpkin pie, thanksgiving, and so much more. This fall season is also bringing change in our lives. We made a des ion to rent something smaller in the hopes to get our finances in order and perhaps put some money away so we can buy.

My fiancé is still gone most of the time for work but it’s nice to have somebody who works hard for his family. I made the choice to say goodbye to childcare and focus completely on growing my It Works business. Putting effort into something I believe in is so important to me. I am excited for the future of my business and helping others while reaching my own goals.

We are busy with school and extra curricular activities. I am also excited to have the opportunity to share our homeschool journey with you. My daughter is an ambitious one and her goal is to complete both her grade 6 and 7 this year. I have faith that if she stays focused on her goals she can achieve them. It’s also been a very exciting week for her. She passed her swim lessons and will move on to the next level, she got to spend a few hours volunteering at the local food bank (and she looks forward to doing it again) and she finally learnt how to ride a bike (that’s a story all in its self). She is in high spirits after a tough start to the week. Indoor soccer starts soon as well as many other activities… She is a very busy 11 year old.

My prayer is that God will continue to guide us on his chosen path so that we may be able to go forth is his glory and see his design for our lives unfold before us.


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