Your Child Must be socially awkward!

When making the decision to homeschool my daughter I was as asked a lot of questions and out right told some things as well that really frustrated me. Even now I get asked or told things that make me just shake my head so I have decided to do a series on common questions or ideas and if they are fact or fiction.

“Homeschooled Children are not socialized enough”


I am going to start with the topic of socialization. Many people have this idea that homeschooled children have no friends outside of their family and that they are socially awkward or shy. Yes, there are homeschooled children like this but there are also children like this in traditional school settings as well. I challenge a person to go and find me a single school where there is not a socially awkward or shy student.

“Ok well your child didn’t interact with their peers as frequently”

Sometimes this is true but most of the time it’s not. I do not force my child to interact with others if she chooses not to. There are days where she wishes there were more children around but then she gets out to her activities and forgets about that. My child ends up meeting a wider variety of people from different age groups, cultural backgrounds, economic and social classes because shes involved in various activities through homeschool support group field trips, Jr. Youth, Church, family friends, neighbours and any other extra curriculars she becomes involved with. We are afforded more opportunity to explore our community and meet new people because we are not limited to a schedule set by somebody else.

“What about friends”

In order for homeschool Children to make friends they do have to put in more effort and actively seek other people out. I feel that this allows great opportunity for my child to develop social skills and she really doesn’t have an issue making friends with new people she meets and As she gets older she will have more opportunities to meet new people. There is no law that says children can only be friends with children they go to school with. As a homeschooling mom I help my child find opportunities to interact with others. This is something that even non homeschooling parents should be doing for their children.

My child is socialized, she does have friends, and she is awkward sometimes but mostly she’s just your average 11 year old who happens to be homeschooled.


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