Crazy Christian Redneck

“So you homeschool? You must be religious and live in the country or something”

Today I am going to talk about the myth or stereotype of being a homeschooler because “you must be so e crazy Christian Redneck”

Fact: most homeschooling families are religious but not all are.

Yes, we live in a Christian household but we have met other homeschooling families that have no religious or spiritual affiliation.

Fact: it is more common for rural families to homeschool for logistic reasons.

We actually live in the city. We actually have a public Elementary School a block away, a public high school 2 blocks away and a Privet Christian k-12 school sits next door to the public high school. Our community also offers a public school that’s main focus is science and houses the Big a Little Science Center, we have a a School for the arts which has both an Elementary and high School Campus, 2 privet Catholic Schools. In fact, there are close to 15,000 Students in our School District. We have many options for school including the option to homeschool.

Our family enjoys the great outdoors, including things like hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. I personally am a little more country than the average person but I have some amazing citified homeschooling friends.

Choosing homeschool was not a decision gone into lightly and other schooling options were explored and tested. Homeschooling just works best for my child’s education needs. We have met wonderful homeschoolers from all walks of life and it really just comes down to more families taking more control of their child’s education.


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