The Under Qualified Lie


“But you’re not a teacher”

Oh how this one rubs me the wrong way. I shouldn’t take offence to it but I do. In fact my education and qualifications are not to bad when it comes to my child’s education. I am a registered tutor for students up to grade 9 (because I chose that as my cap), I do have post secondary education which includes early childhood learning, child psychology, and many other things. No I do not have an education degree because I didn’t want to be a teacher but I did want to work with children and that is why I chose the education path that I did. In fact having a education degree will not make you a better homeschooler and there are several reasons for this.

1. Parents are facilitators, not teachers. And love drives competent parental facilitation.

Kids learn what they want to learn whether or not you are there to teach it. If you are really concerned about your ability to work with your child in the homeschooling environment their are options to assist you. You can choose to hire a tutor, get help from older siblings or other people who might understand the topic in a better way to teach your child, or, if you are enrolled with a homeschooling program, you may have access to a support teacher. We are enrolled with a a program that gives us just that. We have support which includes weekly reports, portfolios for report cards 3 times a year, and if we choose to continue with the program we are in she will have access to provincial exams in high school and the opportunity to graduate with her full Dogwood rather the a GED.

2. The selection process for teachers is awful, so how could you be worse?

I read an interesting thing the other day that said

“We have no decent system for evaluating teachers and getting rid of bad teachers. Which means we actually have no idea if we even have good or bad teachers. But we do know that in the work world we fire people who do not innovate, and we force retirement for people who are too old, and in the schools we do the oppostie of those things.”

It made me take another look at the education system in our province and its current state. We have many wonderful teachers who do amazing work with their student but unfortunately the same union that protects those great teachers also protect teachers who really shouldn’t be teaching and there is very little say in a tradition school setting as to who is educating your child.

3. Teachers at school can never enable self-directed learning better than parents can at home.

I saw a stat that said if teachers were able to facilitate self directed learning there would need to be 1 teacher for every 4 students. We want our children to learn but every child learns at a different pace and in order for them to do that they would be better off with self directed learning giving them an opportunity to have more control over their own education on a level that works for them rather than against them.

4. A parent’s lack of teaching experience at home is offset by the terrible learning experience at school.

Its a proven fact that boys and girls learn differently from each other and forcing them to learn together actually causes more harm in their learning experiences. More boys drop out of school before they graduate then girls and if you take a really close look at the public education system you can see that it is designed for girls. Girls tend to be able to sit for longer periods of time (which students have to do in tradition school settings) where boys are more active and need more physical stimulation and hands on learning.

What’s really needed to be successful in homeschooling?

1. Willingness/eagerness to learn.

2. Effort (aka Hard Work)

3. Discipline


5. Flexibility

6. Patience

7. Dedication

8. An adventurous spirit

What you don’t need is

1. A college education

2. All the answers

3. Perfection

When choosing to homeschool it is a personal choice as is any decision. We are fortunate to live in a country with education options. we are able to seek out and find what works best for our families and our children and we can go forth in confidence that we can always change our mind and choose a different education path if our current one isn’t meeting the needs of our child.

“I would always encourage people of any age not to be so quick to follow other people’s truths but to search and follow your own moral code and live by your own integrity, and mostly just be brave.”


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