The 50th Post and Free Stuff


It’s been 50 posts since I started blogging back in 2011. There would have been more if I had been more consistent but we did have some obstacles back then. The life I had back then was much different from what it is today. There were many great times but there was also a lot of heartach. I’m thankful and grateful for the lessons learned and some of the wonderful memories made. I am thankful that God brought me through the other side of the storm stronger and brought me to place of warmth and comfort. He has given me many great gifts over the last few years and blessed me beyond measure, even if I did forget it sometimes.

I know what my dreams and goals are. I know that God has a perfect plan that is far greater than my own. I know that my plan has to adjust when it’s not on the same path as his and sometimes people think I’m giving up on something when really I am just making adjustments for the greater picture. I am working hard and praying harder that I am following Gods plan for my life and not my own.

I love It Works and there are some products I use in my every day life. I love helping others find the products that work in their life to help the, be the best the, that they can be. I have received a lot of negative feed back about becoming an It Works Distributor and been called a hypocrite because many people feel it contradicts what I say about positive self image and self worth and the last couple month this has caused a serious battle with myself. With that being said, I have no intentions of giving up on It Works! Because the products really do work, but I will be carful as to who I market to and how I market my business. It works is more then body wraps and nutrition suppliments. Did you know there are some amazing skin care products as well? so this brings us to giveaway number 1. If you sign up as a loyal customer before December 31 and try out some of our products you will be entered to win a facial pack. (The original contest deadline was December 1st)


I’m also gearing up to get started with Scentsy…. Oh My how I am in love with Scentsy. I really wasn’t sure about it at first but the more I get to know the product and the amazing perks for hostesses (I just ordered almost $200 worth of product for $56) and the opportunity to make money off of it is great. So here’s the deal… Keep your eyes open because I will be hosting launch party that will be available both in person and online. There will be some great giveaways and I am so absolutely excited for it.

If you want more information on either It Works! Or Scentsy you can call or txt 250-908-7512 or email

I am thankful for the outlet that is my blog and I am thankful for all of you who read it and are encouraged. I look forward to what God has in store for my life and I am grateful that I can share my journey through life as Canadian Christian Wife and Mother.



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