A Crash Course in Home Education!

It was a lovely day spent with family. We woke up opened our Christmas gifts, hung out as a family and then headed over to my parents house for Christmas dinner. December 25th 2014, the day we all agreed that my mom and dad should take their 11 year old granddaughter to Fort Mac. for 3 weeks. the plan was that she would drive up with my dad and spend a week of bonding with Grandpa, my mother would arrive a few days later by plane and then at the end of the 3 weeks they would all fly home. We booked her flight, my dad changed his original ticket information to accommodate having to now travel back with his granddaughter. The phone was passed bak and forth between my dad and my fiancé as things were sorted and payment was made. It was after all was agreed upon that I reminded them that their daughter was homeschooled and she would still need to get her work done…. I smiled on the inside at the thought of getting a break from her pre-pubsent crazy for a couple weeks and that somebody else would be in charge of making sure she still did her school work… I also felt kind of bad that somebody else would have to deal with the crazy and the school work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter with all my heart and I miss her when we are apart. We have finished the first week and have spoken every single day and every single day she try to get me to help her with her school work over FaceTime….. It’s not easy and I have to remind her that her grandparents are smart people who are perfectly capable of helping her. Today I told her “Grandpa and Grandma are there to help you. Whatever you can’t complete we will work on when you get back… I will review all your math with you when you get home… Don’t worry you’ll be fine.

I was informed not much was done the first week. My dad was working so it made things a little difficult but Grandma is there now so today they were playing some catch up. One of the perks to homeschool is that you work at your own pace so if you don’t get it done in the “allotted time” its not a big deal. I do try to keep her on somewhat of a schedule but thats more just because some structure is good for children. It teaches them time management, deadlines and responsibility. My parents haven’t been on “homework” duty for a while now (their last child left high school almost 12 years ago) and homschool is a little more in-depth than homework. I honestly believe they will do well… I have complete faith in my parents as they continue through the next couple weeks helping her. Sure, it’s a crash course in home education, but they are getting to experience a unique bonding experience. Praying that God grants my daughter the ability to stay focused and my mother an over abundance of patience for the times she decides she’s “just not that into it”


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