Education Vacation

I have always been a firm believer that any situation can be used to learn something from new and interesting facts to a valuable life lesson. When I think of travel I think of it as an opportunity to learn. Exploring your surroundings and getting to know the local culture or way of life. As a homeschool parent this opportunities have become so much more important. These opportunities are adding in my child’s education. She is gaining valuable information and lessons without even realizing it most of the time. As a homeschool family (or any family) taking the time to turn your Vacation into something educational is great. Sometime these family adventures become so much more than just heading to the beach or driving across country.

Yesterday my daughter arrived home from being away for 3 weeks with her grandparents. I was not to concerned about her getting all her book work done because she was gaining a new experience. On this most recent trip she drove with her grandpa from Kamloops BC over to Cranbrook BC then into Calgary Alberta and ended the drive in Fort MacMurray AB. She was able to learn about the oil sands and mining, she got to see a place she had never been before, she spent some very valuable bonding time with her her Grandparents (her Grandma had flown in a few days after they arrived). When it was time to head home she got to experience her first airplane trip which left from Fort Mac, flow into Calgary, over to Vancouver and ended in Kamloops. She got to be in 3 different planes of different sizes for different legs of the journey. She got to learn what it was like to board planes and transfer planes and feel what it was like to be up in the sky.

This summer we have some travelling to do and I am very much looking forward to some more valuable educational bonding time with the man I love and our children. I encourage homeschooling (and any other) families to not just look at a vacations as a time to relax because, although that is a big part of what a vacation is, it is an opportunity to learn something new.



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