The other day I was sitting alone in the quiet with my thoughts. I began to reflect on my life over the years. There have been so many times of great joy and others where the pain can still be felt. I havmt always dealt with situations in the best way and my emotions can get the best of me at times, but I am learning how to keep them in check and not hit extremes.

Anger: this one is a tough one. For me Anger comes quick when I feel wronged and it has caused some maker turbulence in my life. I have been learning to deal with my anger in heathy ways. There was a time not to long ago where my anger would manifest its self in a whirlwind of chaos causing distruction in its path. As I learn how to better calm myself I know that it is better to take a moment to myself rather then tear through everything and everyone in my path. Sometimes we just need to walk away!

Sadness: This emotion can physically hurt. When a loved one passes away, when somebody we care about breaks our heart, when we feel empathy for those who are hurting around us. Sometimes we just need yo cry and that is ok. Tears have this amazing ability to help heal our wounds and crying is not a sign of weeknes.

Joy: those moments that have us smiling so big our face starts to hurt. Joy is such an amazing feeling can can be one overwhelming to the point we are do over come we cry. Joy is such a wonderful and powerful thing and when we are joyful it becomes infectious and can feel other with joy.

Pride: being proud in its self is not a bad thing but becoming so proud that you are either boastful or hard headed is a problem. When our pride comes from a place gratitude for Gods blessings and gifts we can use that pride to do great things. When our pride comes from a place of artogance and self satisfaction we loose respect for others and their feelings. We must take care in our pride and be greatful rather than boastful.

We experience so many emotions as humans that get can be one overwhelming. Staying calm and even tempered is a trait that can be learned but it may take time. Baby steps, seeking help through prayer and having patience are so important. This is something I am working through in my own life and going on faith that God will see me through it.

My prayer for you is that you will be humbled, that you will take the good and bad that comes from our emotions an learn and grow. 


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