What Are We Learning?

I often get asked about curriculum, scheduling, extra curricular and what the life of a homeschooler looks like from Day to day! I do my best to answer because sometimes we just don’t know! I have decided that each week I will give a run down of what we are learning and the curriculum we are using and what kind of extra curriculars we are involved with.

Scheduling is always up in the air. I do have a written schedule but it is more of a guide to help rather than set rules! 


Rebecca’s had 2 calendars. Her monthly one gives a quick overview of what’s happening for the month. It lists all her field trips, vacation days, holidays, birthdays, youth. Pretty much everything on it has specific dates and times that we need to work around! Her weekly one is a run down of her week. This particular calendar gets a little more specific and each day is sort of planned out. She knows what subjects she has, when chores need to be done and what they are. It’s colourful and easy for her to follow. Because I like her to have a say in her learning nothing is ever set in stone and sometimes her mood determines how the schedule will change and she can trade one item in her day with another item in the same day

This Week in Learning!

  • Bible: curriculum we are using is God’s Perfect Plan from Explorer’s Bible Study. Memory includes Jeremiah 1:5, Mark 6:4 and Isaiah 40:8.
  • Art: we have no set curriculum for art at this time and she is using this time for free expression through drawing.
  • Science: Curriculum The Geology Book. This weeks Lesson is on the Earths Surface!
  • Math: Curriculum Singapore Math 6B. This week we are working on Triangles and 4 sided Figures.
  • Socials: curriculum is Mystery of History 7th Grade: Creation to Resurection as well as Outlooks 6
  • English: Curriculum is Lightning Litrature 7th Grade. Currently we are working our way through Tom Sawyer
  • Languages: we have been working on Frech throug this year. This is the last year my daughter wants to do French and we are looking into Japanese for the next school year!
  • On Wednesday and Sunday evening we are participating in Combat Fitness.
  • On Wednesday we are participating in nature school which is a new thing in our community where, no matter the weather, homeschoolers are outside learning. Every Wednesday is a New location. This week we are headed to Edith Lake!

The key is to remember to try and have fun with Education. Kids get bored easily and so do a lot of parents. Use knew experience and everyday activities as opportunities to learn!


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  1. brightskymom
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 11:44:52

    I hope you share more about Nature School!


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