Fun In the Sun!

we have been having some beautiful weather here… My daughter and I have been spending far more time outside with things like nature school and just because feeling the sun after a cold winter feels so nice!

Last week we went to Peterson Creek park For Nature School. Unfortunately, do to some rock slides, it wasn’t a good idea to try and get the younger kids to climb up to the falls so our group decided to stay down in the lower area and enjoy climbing a big tree and playing in the creek! 

      On Monday we went out to the Avley Sheep Ranch! The kids enjoyed a hay ride, snuggles with orphaned lambs and learning the history of the original settlement for Vavenby which is still owned by the same family! 







I had a very special moment and found a picture of my daughter on Easter Weekend from 2007 kissing an orphand lamb at the same sheep farm… 8 years later the moment was recreated and the family that runs The Ranch would like to use both pictures on their website 


Later that afternoon we went to a friends parents house and met to very adorable little piglets  

A couple of the kids decided it was time to take a nap in the shade!


I am so thankful for this time I have with my child and our friends. As a homeschool family we create memories together while we are learning. These children are getting such valuable lessons and I can not stress enough how important hands on learning is for children. I know that traditional campus school works for some but this works so much better for us. As a homeschool family we are so very fortunate to have these moments of learning to share with each other and other families that we call friends who feel the same way we do about the value in home education!


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