It’s Getting A Lil CrayCray!

As we approach the slow down part of our school year it seems like things are just starting to get crazy. We have a lot going on in our family life with school, jobs, wedding planing, summer planning. It never ends, or so it seems, and there has been some added stresses this year but we are trucking through them as a family. I actually went as far as turning to my daughter and saying “It’s a lil CrayCray up in here!” She looked at me and smiled!

So what’s been going on?

Becca turned 12 last week… There was a party with friends the Saturday before her day (lazer trek, mini golf, games, prizes, a clown…) and the a family BBQ on her actual day. She loved every minute of it… Clown and all!

School is slowing down but we will work through the summer to get the last things done before September… She will be a grade ahead in the new school year and it is very exciting preparing for what’s going to happen next year. Nature school continues to be a hit with our homeschooling group… Today they enjoyed MacArthur Island Park and some Geocaching!


Our day also took us on a tour of our local Radio/TV station. It was fun and the kids even made it live on the air as well as doing a recording for the evening show. My daughter got to record her voice which was the played around with to sound like she was in different locations and even a robot.


Monday was YPC and one of our homeschooling groups got to join public school kids at a proformance by the Dumster Dragons (a fun group from Vancouver BC). The had instruments from around the world as well as some created by one of the members. 

We have had some stressful moments this week but I am blessed to have good friends and a man who is willing to take my mood swings with a grain of salt while we navigate the stormy weather.

My prayer for you is that in all your “CrayCray” may you see the blessings you are given, feel joy when you see your children learning without even realizin it because they are having so much fun. May you be blessed by a friend when you are in need without asking for help and don’t be afraid to reach out to those you trust when you just need somebody to listen. May you be a blessing to another when they are in need and may remember to thank God for the good and the bad!

Now I guess it’s back to Spring cleaning, wedding planning, work and education planning! 


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