What are we up to?

The fact that we are actually getting book work done this week is impressive. With all this beautiful BC weather we’ve been having the motivation to get actual book work done is lacking but I honestly think it’s ok as long as my child is meeting her learning outcomes. I often say that one of the perks to homeschool is working at the pace of your child, a schedule is more of a suggestion and learning through hands on activities and simply living life is more valuable than what’s written in a book.

Nature school

Continues to be a highlight each week and the new physical activity is boot camp (not nearly as bad as it might sound).  


Leaving in the kamloops area for most of the last 12 years I have had the opportunity to explore a lot of places but last weeks nature school at Isobel Lake was the first time I had been there. It’s very peaceful and I am hoping we can camp there as a family this summer. One of the things that really stands out for me is the accessibility project that is happening allowing for trails and campsites to be created in such a way that they can more easily be used by people with mobility concerns! The fact that people can go for a hike in a wheelchair because the trails are designed with them in mind is pretty impressive. 

 When we set up opportunities for those who may not get them because of their mobility we are giving them permission and encouragement to enjoy all of life. Instead of holding them back from enjoying nature, which unfortunately is the case because of their mobility, we are allowing them to have equal opportunity and experiences.

Our garden has been taking shape this year and that is also nice to have and a great opportunity to learn about growing our own food!

 This Week in Learning!

  • Bible: curriculum we are using is God’s Perfect Plan from Explorer’s Bible Study. Memory includes Ephisians 1:7 and Romans 5:8
  • Art: we have no set curriculum for art at this time and she is using this time for free expression through drawing.
  • Science: Curriculum The Geology Book. This weeks Lesson is  Ways To Date The Entire Earth.
  • Math: Curriculum Singapore Math 6B. Finishing up with reviews and testing ath will be done this week)
  • Socials: curriculum is Mystery of History 7th Grade: Creation to Reaurection and Outlooks 6.
  • English: Curriculum is Lightning Litrature 7th Grade
  • Languages: we have been working on Frech throug this year. 
  • On Tuesday and Thursday we do Bootcamp.
  • On Wednesday we are continuing to participate in nature schools

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