We Decided Never To “Go Back To School”

  It’s that wonderful time of year again when parents are getting ready to send their kids back to school (if they haven’t already done so). School supplies are being bought, first day of school outfits are being picked out, kids are eagerly waiting to join their friends once again in the classroom! Some little ones are getting nervous about entering Kindergarten, some older kids are feeling that same way again as they enter middle school and high school. It’s a very busy and exciting time of the year full of mixed emotion. I remember the feelings I felt when I sent my daughter off to Kindergarten and that very same year I knew deep down inside something about “school” just wasn’t clicking with her learning style and I also knew the public school system was not what I wanted for her. 

Over the years we have tried different options, including privet school and even sent her back to public school for a time but she never thrived in her education quite the same way as she has with home education. I get to learn along with her, she is more excited about topics when she helps plan how she learns them and she has far more freedom to learn her way while still meeting outcomes for her grade level. She can work as fast or as slow as she needs/wants to in order to understand the curriculum. As a result, she completed two grades last school season and is now a grade ahead of her peers. 

Because she is a home learner she gets more one on one allowing her to fully understand a topic she is struggling with and working quickly on her own through the topics she is confident in. The areas she is advanced in we can nurture and provide more advanced work in. In other areas we can take our time and provide extra information and resources to help with understanding. 

We have no set schedule which means sometimes work is done in The morning, sometimes it’s done in the evening. There is no dress code and sometimes it’s a PJ party. We can use life for lessons or do work out of a book. Whatever it is it works for us but most importantly it works for her!

She has made some wonderful connections through homeschool support groups. She has gone on field trips and prticpate in activities she wouldn’t normally get to if she were in a traditional school setting. We are able to travel as a family and she has even gone on trips with her grandparents and there is no worry about missing school. She can take her work with her or take a small break and learn something outside of her curriculum!

Making the choice to not “Go Back To School” has been a very fulfilling one and I have absolutely no regrets because I see all the wonderful bennifits of home education and I am extremely grateful we have this option available to us!


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