Reflections of 2015

I’m sitting here having a morning coffee that could have been a no go… This morning I smashed the multi cup coffee pot (nothing like leaving the year with a bang, or in this case a crash and smash) but we have a Kurig so I’m good on the caffeine front. This who thing made me look back on my year and realize just how much I have changed as a person and the growth that has come with a year of highs and lows. Old Me would have got angry. Sure I was a little annoyed but New Me laughed with my best friend as we cleaned up glass and turned it into a joke.

I’ve felt some heart break very recently this year. It came right before Christmas and it kind of turned my world upside down. It affected several people. Old Me would have curled up in a ball and hid away from the world crying and being angry but New Me did shed some tears and have a moment of anger but didn’t dwell. New Me has gotten up, dusted herself off and see a future of new possibilities and adventures.

Old Me enjoyed gossip. Maybe it was because hearing others woes and miss doings makes us see our world isn’t so bad. New Me really doesn’t want to hear it. New Me wants to be completely and utterly surrounded by love and light and positive people who are trying to make z difference in our world.

Old Me was angry, ALOT. New me makes a conscious effort to see the positive in every situation. Sure it doesn’t always seem like there is one but it’s there! It takes more effort sometimes but when we look for the good in the bad with see the beauty in the darkness and get over the issue a whole lot quicker.

I am not the same person I was going into 2015. I leaving this year in the past where it belongs. I am looking forward to watching my business grow, going on adventures with whoever wants to tag along, spending more quality time with my daughter who is growing way to fast and building positive healthy relationships with people who are just as passionate about living and life as I am.

The New year is starting with a gathering of friends (old and new) saying “Good-bye” to 2015 and “Hello” to 2016 with laughs, and food and Celebration. We are celebrating a friends birthday as well because she deserves to be celebrated and know she is loved.

My daughter and I are heading into the New Year preparing for the Coldest Night Of the Year Walk for Homelessness and fundraising and you can totally help out by going to Coldest Night and clicking on my name (Dannielle Banting) and making a donation to help with homelessness projects and support.

I don’t know what 2016 has in store for any of us. I do know with each year end comes a new beginning full of possibilities. We can choose to love deeper, care harder, live fuller, be healthier, laugh more, and enjoy all that God gives us.

My Prayer for you is that you will feel great joy, less sorrow and an abundance of blessing!!



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