Trust In The Lord Always


When the world I knew started crumbling around a few months ago I wanted to be angry with God. My heart was aching and I started to question why it is that when my world seems so wonderful something happens making me feel like a failure. I start to cry out to God “If you love me so much why do you allow such awful things to happen?” And then I remind myself to dig into his word, stop questioning his motives and pray consistently that he will lead me and that I will have faith and follow his lead not forge my own path.

I am human and I struggle sometimes in my faith but I still have faith and that is so important. I have to remind myself that his plan is so much greater then mine. I talk about this so much and that is because it reminds me to be faithful and trust in Him.

God is leading me somewhere and I am not 100% sure where that is but I am going willing where he leads and trying to remember to stay true to him.

There will be days of great trial and tribulation, but we must not be afraid for our God is Great and through him we can do anything!


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