Women Can Set the World on Fire!

For so many generations women have been told to sit back and watch men succeed. Girls were raised to be homemakers and mothers and taught that they should never question their husbands or any man for that matter. Women more madd to feel less than. 

When women fought for and won the right to vote it was really the start in th shift towards equality that we still continue to fight around the world for  many equal rights that we deserve as hard working productive members of society like equal pay, access to quality education and the freedom to live our lives as we choose and not be forced into arranged marriages, child brides and child prostitution.

Girls and women prove themselves time and time again as fierce and hard work competitors and more and more women are becoming amazing role models and leaders showing our girls that they can do and be anything.

Right now we are in the midst of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Canada, in particular Canadian women and girls, are on cloud nine as our female athletes are starting to prove their ability to the world. In Canad we are very fortunate to be able to be who they are and have the opportunity to develope their skills and prove them selves on every level from local to the World Stage. Canada currently has 8 medals at this years games which isn’t the most outstanding feet but our medals are making headlines across the world because all 8 medals won by Canadian athletes this far have been won by our female atheletes… It’s just more motivation for girls to become powerful women proving once again that women can do anything they set their minds and hearts on!


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