Lessons I’ve Learned

I have one of those , in your face, hot headed, stubborn yet compassionate personalities. I’ve made my fare share of mistakes over the years but what I have learned from those mistakes is helping me make better choices as I go forward.

When I was younger, lieing and manipulation was a sure way to get me what I thought I wanted or needed. It ruined a lot of relationships with people I loved having in my life. Some of those relationships have been healed over time while others are just memories of a time passed.

I have a temper. I’m pretty sure I get it from my father. He’s a fantastic, kind and catering man but when he is angry it’s best to walk away. Unfortunately I am also extremely stubborn like he is and I don’t back down when I feel wronged. Some days I wish I had a calmer personality like my mother and I am working on it. My temper and stubborn nature has also ruined a lot of relationships. 

These personality traits are difficult ones to live with. I care deeply and I feel deeply and I truly love everyone so I am listening more and speaking less and making an effort to re-build some of the relationships that have been lost!

Having roommates does not work for me. It’s one thing when you live with family but it’s different when you live with friends or even people you just started rooming with. My first roommate actually drove me completely crazy and I was extremely happy when we parted ways. We still talk occasionally and are even Facebook friends but other then the occasional friendly chit chat if we happen to run into each other or the like or comment of a Facebook post, we really don’t have a relationship anymore. We have very diffferent lifestyles and we now live 8 hours apart so that plays a huge factor. My 2nd roommate was somebody I met through childcare. I had looked after her son when she went out of town, we built a friendship and were quite close. We traveled together, shared holidays and special occasions together and then one day she moved away. One day we decided to become roommates and go into business together. This was a big mistake. Personalities and ideas about how the business should be run amongst other things destroyed our relationship. We haven’t spoken in quite a few years now and there days that I miss her terribly. I do have to say that I have had one roommate that I loved and still love. My best friend and her family moved in with my temporarily. Although it had its issues truly loved haveing her around. When we needed each other all we had to do was walk into the next room or wait until the other person got home… I didn’t even mind that her husband and their kids even lived with us… We are more then friends, we are family. 

I’ve said and done some stupid things and made some poor choices but I have accepted them, learned from them and I am moving on confidently and passionately and even mending some broken bridges along the way all with God’s help!